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Metal working

Metal working



The production of complex products with high-precision parts has tough requirements to the dimensions, quality of metals, holes, threads, ducts, surface smoothness, engraving. It requires highly competent, skilled partner who can produce quality precision parts on time, strict compliance with the technical documentation with perfect compliance with the technical requirements. Then on the "exit" it is possible to get the desired result in time.

The "Tehno-T" enterprise was established in 2000 by the head of the shop of one of the largest enterprises in Ukraine. He collected and combined based company experienced specialists in metalworking engineers, design engineers, production engineers, turners, millers, rozkriynykiv, cutters, welders, metal fitters, assemblers, specialists in heat treatment and other specialties, as required for the production of the sort of

In addition, the best samples of metal processing equipment were collected. Currently this area with a modern fleet metal working machine performing accurate operational demand for food, feed, automotive, defense, energy production, engineering.

The park includes turning; revolving; milling metal working machine with numerical control, on a new element base; a plasma cutting machine for metal up to 200 mm thick; Laser, linear milling machines to the 3rd mark of accuracy, table dimensions 1200x1200 mm; tooth decay; Rolls machine for sintering of sheet metal up to 16 mm thick, dimensions 2х6 m; welding semiautomatic devices for ferrous metals, in flux, argon-for stainless metal, aluminum, copper; thermocouple will provide hardening, release, cementing of metals, in accordance with the tasks set.

Thus, we are able to execute and timely perform: miscalculation of the project cost, design and manufacturing of technical documents, drawings, purchase of materials, cutting, fabrication, assembly, testing steam pressure of 10 atmospheres, running test equipment, heat exchangers, non-standard processing equipment, machinery for all branches of industry: food, woodworking, construction, mining, agricultural, military, energy. We have a great experience in selection, installation, maintenance and repair equipment.

Specifically, for 17 years produce centrifugal sprayer, titanium or stainless steel disc, at a speed of 12000 revolutions/minute, hour condensed liquid spray in the tower spray dryers.

We also have an experience of continuous mutually beneficial cooperation with foreign companies: ARI is a producer of modern steam fittings, Alfa-Laval, a manufacturer of high-tech three-phase centrifuges. Centrifuges are used to separate raw materials into three fractions, for solid drying, we manufacture 6 types of dryers. Drying thus occurs by all kinds of fuel: steam, electricity, hot air from burning solid, liquid, gas fuel.

Produced facilities and equipment we install, connect, debugging, launch, receive the first finished product, conduct training, provide support to operate, provide warranty period.

In the course of order execution and receipt of feedback from buyers, we will take into account the opinion on the operation, the experience of processing raw materials. All these factors help to develop dynamically, to constantly modernize equipment, technology to improve quality, to improve the level of production culture, and most importantly, long-term working relationships with customers.

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