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Dry vegetable cream

Dry vegetable cream

Line for the production of dry vegetable cream


Dry cream is used in the food industry.

General equipment, which has a short lifetime, is used to complete the line. Such an approach was chosen to reduce its cost of purchasing equipment and, most importantly, the cost-effectiveness of its operation.

As a result, the line is able to produce 100 kg of dry cream, a substitute for dried milk and cream per hour.
In this case, no more than 1 ton of steam and 50 kW of electricity are used. For the placement of the line enough shop 200 mkv and 5 people staff.
Productivity drying - up to 100 kg of dry product per hour.
The productivity of soybean milk production is 2.5 to 5 tons per day


Spray dryer VRA-1

(Error ± 10%)

Material for drying - Concentrated soy milk, whole milk, whey, melange, other materials.
Productivity - 100 kg. evaporation of moisture per hour.
The amount of moist material at the entrance is 192 kg/h.
Input temperature of the material - 50 °C.
The content of dry matter in the dried material - 46%.

The amount of dry material at the outlet - 92 kg/h.
The moisture content in the powder - 4%.
The temperature of the drying air - 180 °C. (The temperature control is possible from 0 to 200 °C)
Time of continuous operation without cleaning, max. - 20 hours.
Electricity consumption - 20 kW.
The consumption of drinking water for a run - 0,1 m^3
Pressure of water - 0,3 MPa.

The consumption of hot water for washing - 0,4 m^3
Pressure of water for a washing - 0,3 МПа.
The temperature of the washing water is 60 °C


Operating parts of equipment that come in contact with products made of stainless steel or aluminum alloys. Other parts are made of structural steel and painted.
To accommodate VRA you need an area of 9x6x9 m., and also a room for a heat generator with an area of 57 sq.m.


  Gas heat generator for the dryer VRA-1

The heat generator is a recuperative heat exchanger with a blow gas burner and a heating fan. Heat from natural gas combustion products is transferred to the air through the surface of the heat exchanger. Smoke gases heat the air moving forcedly under supercharging, created in accordance with the fan burner and feeding fan.

The heat generator is a counter-air heater that provides heating of the air flow to a temperature of 200 ± 10 ° C, which is used as a technological coolant in the production processes of food and other industries, including in drying spraying installations of dairy processing enterprises.

The use of heat generators of separate combustion paths (natural gas) and heated air at a high efficiency (92%) allows the use of a heat generator in technological processes with high requirements for the purity of heated air.



Power, kW 350-1200.

Air heating, °C - 0 to 200.

Volume of heated air, m3 ± 10% 24000.

Rated thermal power of the burner, MW (-10%; -5%) 1.95.
Type of fuel - natural gas GOST (state standart) 5542-87.
Maximum fuel consumption, m^3/h - 35.
Nominal temperature of exhaust gases, °С - 155.

Efficiency, % - 91-92.
Weight, kg - 3100.

Aerodynamic drag, Pa 2000.

Overall dimensions, mm, not more than:
Pump fan MXE025-031515.

The heat generator is made of heat-resistant stainless steel. The design uses a Draizier burner, Germany, with an autonomous temperature controller, a control cabinet and a heat generator that can operate on liquid and/or gas fuels. Smoke pipe h = 8 m.


 Principle of work and application.

  The heat generator is used in milk-drying installations of spray type for heating the coolant - air fed into a drying tower. It is installed strictly in a separate room with an area of 57 sq.m. There is also installed a filter for inlet air and a pressure fan MXE 025-031515, manufactured in Germany.

  Cold air supplied by a pressure fan in the heating part of the heat generator itself - the back wall of the furnace, passing through the inter-pipe space, is heated and, by blowing the furnace, is fed into the drying tower. Smoke gases cooled in the rotary chamber fall into the tube bundles in turbulent mode and exit through the chimney.

  The automation of the heat generator and the burner provides support at a given level of the air temperature at the outlet, the gas-air ratio, as well as the protection of the heat generator and the termination of the gas supply in the event of power failure, protection circuit faults, failure of the density of the valves of the combined gas unit, and also in the event of reaching the limit values one of the parameters.

The air supplied to the heat generator is cleaned with filters, with the primary coarse purification carried out on filters of panel or pocket type with a filtration efficiency of 40-45% purification of atmospheric dust, type G4, mounted in a stainless steel frame, further air is purged on filters with efficiency filtration to 85-90% of type F7.

 Advantages of using a heat generator installation:

• Increased productivity of the drying plant due to the increasing of drying air temperature.

• Save 25-30% of energy for drying 1 kg of finished product (efficiency of steam calorifer 70-80%, efficiency of heat generator - 91-92%).

• Reduction in fuel consumption (less than 250 m^3 of conventional fuel per 1 kg of finished product).

• The drying agent has always a stable temperature, which ensures high quality of the finished product.

The heat generator is made of stainless heat-resistant steel. It consists of a firebox, a rotary chamber, two subsequent heat exchangers, an air distribution system. 

The set of heat generator includes:

 Heat generator;

 Burner Weishaupt;

 the system of automation of the burner and heat generator;


Vacuum-evaporation installation "Vigand-2000"

Allows you to condense fat-free and whole milk, a milk substitute, in the production of dry or condensed milk, milk mixtures for baby food, as well as when receiving whole milk substitutes. This model includes seperate washing of equipment and the possibility of joining the system of circulating washing. The basic equipment includes a heater, a surface condenser, a vacuum evaporator of the first and second degree, a vacuum pump for the product and condensate, pipelines and strapping, as well as a service area.



Productivity on evaporated moisture, kg/h - 2000.
Steam consumption, kg/h - 880.
Expenditures of cold water (20 °С), cubic meters per hour - 20.

Evaporation temperature of the first stage, °C - 67.
Evaporation temperature of the second stage, °С - 50.
Power of pumps, kW-3,0.

Size, m - 8х6х5.

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