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» » Drying of mash, pulp, gravel by steam

Drying of mash, pulp, gravel by steam

Line of equipment for: transportation, dehydration, drying, crushing of: 

after-alcohol grain mash, beer gravel, pulp. The line is designed for input up to 240 m3 / day (22 hours), humidity up to 94%, production of finished dry product with humidity of 10-8%, with daily mode of work. Drying occurs at smoothly controlled heating to 89 ° C. In this case, the raw materials are kept as fully as possible, useful trace elements. As a result of such processing the flour of DDG is obtained.

The manufacture and delivery of equipment for processing of the granule is carried out under special requirements of the Customer.

The following line of equipment is recommended:
Name                                        Number
Separator SBM                                1
Press PB                                                     1
Frame for press and separator                   1
Drying plant RTS-175                                 1
Mill installation URM-10/3                           1
Pneumotransport URM-10/4                       1
Control panel                                              1

Approximate amount of dry bard resulting from processing: 200 t/month. The amount of dry mash resulting from processing may vary due to factors: changes in the working regime, the specific characteristics of raw materials, raw material temperature at the line inlet, humidity, qualifications of staff, other conditions.

Dehydration technology, drying, crushing and packaging (standard):
The bard with a humidity of 94% is fed into a separator, which is located on the third floor of the frame of the dehydration module, which dehydrates up to 85%.

Bard from the separator, by gravity, is fed into Press PB, which is located on the 2nd floor of the module of dehydration module and in which the raw material dehydrates to 60-55%. From the press the raw material is dumped into the drying plant RTS-75, in which it is dried to a moisture content of 10-8%. After leaving the dryer, the product is sucked through a magnetic catcher to a hammer mill plant, where it is chipped and fed into pneumatic transport for loading into the container.

If the line is completed with a bunker-mixer, dry feed meal is separated from the air and mixed with the other ingredients. After mixing the mixture is loaded into the container.

Or the product dried in a drying unit to a moisture content of not more than 14%, is fed into a press granulator by a screw dispenser, after which the granular product is loaded in the container.

To place a line with a drying plant, it is necessary to have:
1. Sources of water supply and treatment facilities or sewage.
2. Boilers or steam generators with output parameters: up to 1000 kg/h. steam pressure 5 kgf/cm
3. The power source is 380 V 50 Hz with a capacity of at least 44.5, with peak load (simultaneous launch of all engines). After such a start, the electricity consumption falls by 1/3.
4. Start-up electrical equipment.
5.Service installation by one person in change (only drying installation).
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