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Spray dryer

Spray dryer
Spray dryer VRA-1
Productivity - 100 kg. evaporation of moisture per hour.
The amount of moist material at the entrance is 192 kg/h.
Input temperature of the material - 50 °C.
The content of dry matter in the dried material - 46%.
The amount of dry material at the outlet is - 92 kg/h.
Moisture content of the powder - 4%.
The temperature of the drying air - 180 °C.
Time of continuous operation without cleaning, max. - 20 hours.
Electricity consumption - 20 kW.
Steam consumption - 220 kg/h
Steam pressure - 1.2 MPa.
The consumption of drinking water for a run - 0,1 m.kub
Water pressure - 0,3 MPa.
The consumption of hot water for washing - 0,4 m.cub.
Pressure of water for washing - 0.3 MPa.
Temperature of water for washing - 60 °C.
Operating parts of equipment that come in contact with products made of stainless steel or aluminum alloys. Other parts are made of structural steel and painted.
To accommodate VRA you need an area of 9 x 6 x 9 m.

Spray type drying device А1-ORCH.
1.1.1. Productivity 500-700 kg/h of evaporated moisture.
1.1.2. Weight of metal structures 59 580 kg.
1.1.3. Overall dimensions 1200 x 12000 x 17500.
1.1.4. Power - 130 kW.
1.1.5. Vapor consumption (when working on steam calorifiers) 2700 kg/h.
1.1.6. Pressure of superheated steam 10-11 MPa (atm).
Air temperature,
- at the entrance to the drying chamber 160-170 ºС.
- at the exit from the drying chamber 75-80 ºС.
- in the premises of the drying shop 5-40 ºС.
- at the entrance to the pneumatic transport system no more than 10 ºС.
1.1.8. Busy square, 144 m².
1.1.9. Number of servicemen - 2 people.

1.2. Package of the spray-type dryer A1-ORCH:
1.2.1. Drying tower 1 pc.
1.2.2. Cyclones 1 set.
1.2.3. Sprayer 1 set.
1.2.4. Pumping fan 1 pc.
1.2.5. Exhaust fan 1 pc.
1.2.6. Air intake system: 1 set.
• Air latch.
• The system of air ducts combines drying, cyclones, discharging gate, fan, air latch.
• Exhaust pipe.
1.2.7. Pneumatic transport system. 1 set.
• unloading gateways.
• The air intake system connects the filter, unloading gateways, cyclone, fan.
1.2.8. Small cyclone 1 pc.
1.2.9. Steam heater with a set of adapters 1 set.
1.2.10. Filter for cleaning the inlet air in front of the calorifier 1 set.
1.2.11. Metal service areas. 1 set.
1.2.12. Metal ladder marches. 1 set.
1.2.13. Metal structures of towers and platforms. 1 set.
1.2.14. Hoisting-and-transport device for maintenance and repair: 1 set.
• Electric hoist for 0.25 t.
• Supporting metal structures.
• Electrical equipment and power cables.
1.2.15. A set of spare parts, tools and accessories. 1 set.
1.2.16. Set of operational and shipping documentation 1 set.

Vacuum evaporative two-stage circulating installation "Vigand-4000"

Specifications for the "Vigant-4000" installation.

Moisture evaporation, per hour, kg 4000
Vapor consumption at 0,8 MPa, kg/h 1716
(When working on a vacuum pump consumption of steam 1550 kg/h)
Power of pumps, kW 34,4
Cooling water consumption, 15/20 °С, m^3 / hour 28/35
Pressure of cooling water at the entrance, atm. 2.5
Overall dimensions, mm
Length 4900
Width 5770
Height 5160

Installation kit
Calorizer- 2 pcs.
Steam separator - 2 pcs.
Heater - 4 pcs.
Condenser - 1 pc.
Thermocompressor - 1 pc.
Centrifugal pump for condensate - 1 pc.
Steam and grocery pipelines - 1 set.
Interlocking and shut-off valves - 1 set.
Measuring instruments (thermometers, pressure gauges) - 1 set.
Racks and service areas - 1 tc.
Installation and mounting material - 1 pc.

Guaranteed service life of the equipment - 12 months from the moment of commissioning, but not more than 18 months from the moment of its shipment, in case of installation and start-up and adjustment works are carried out by the manufacturer.
Delivery time - 30 calendar days.

2. Heat generator on natural gas.
The main advantage of our heat generator consists in its design features - small overall dimensions and heating of the coolant when discharged, this allows you to install a heat generator instead of steam heaters, next to the drying tower. When comparing with similar devices of other manufacturers, our heat generator does not require the construction of a separate room, this reduces the length of air line and excludes additional heat losses of the coolant. Thanks to the introduction of the latest technology, our heat generator produces a coolant of the given temperature, even when the temperature of the environment is changed. The design elements of the heat generator are in contact with the coolant made of stainless steel. In the design of the heat generator, Quasikinetic burners are used for combustion of gas, which allows to significantly reduce gas consumption. Heat exchange surface is recruited from thermosyphon elements that provide reliable thermal protection of the combustion chamber and efficient (at the level of 95-99%) conversion of fuel due to the high degree of cooling of the exhaust gases up to the condensation temperatures of water vapor.
The package includes the following units:
- heat generator 1 pc.
- air pipelines "adapters" 2 sets.
- exhaust pipe L = 12m; 1 set.

The cost of equipment.

Terms of delivery: EXW (Franco-Factory).
Manufacturing time - 90 calendar days.

Spray dryer

Spray dryer

Spray dryer

Spray dryer

Spray dryer
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