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Line of equipment for grape processing, production of Techno-T: "in white", productivity - 20 tn/h, HPV-20.
- receiving hopper-feeder (screw type);
- comb combine harvester roller-marker-VHD-20;
- the drain of the brand VSN-20;
- screw press, T1-VP-20/20;
- installation for pumping - sulphitation of the pulp in the stream - the mark UPSM-32/125;
- mashine for preparation of mother liquor, - СО2 marks UМR-150;
- control panel line;
- piston pump for pouring the wort of the mark VNPB 10/32;
- conveyer of squeegee of crests.
Line work: the grapes entering the processing are loaded into the receiving hopper, from where the transporting auger is fed into the hopper of the comberator-crusher. Mezha from a combed separator-crusher under its weight falls into the mezgozbiker, located under the rollers crusher, and the ridges are thrown onto the scraper conveyor, are removed in a hopper for cranks. From the meszgozbornika mezga, the installation of UPSM - 32/125 is pumped with simultaneous sulfitation in a hopper hopper, where it is separated by a mash. Mustard flows into a trench, located under the drain. The partially desiccated pulp from the drain screw is fed into the bunker of the screw press, where the final impression of the pulp takes place. The mash of press fractions comes to the wicker basket, located under the press, and the pressed mizga from the press falls on the conveyor for descent into the hopper. From the strawberries, the wort is fractionated by a pump of a piston type, pumped into a reservoir-tank.
Managing the line of grape processing is carried out with a single console.
The wort obtained after the processing of grapes on this line due to short-term contact with air, due to the speed of processing and the continuity of the process, is characterized by high quality, lack of oxidation tones (low oxidation-reducing potential).

The structure of the processing line of grapes "in red", production Techno-T, productivity - 20 tons per hour.
- bunker-feeder;
- centrifugal crusher-comberator DD2G-20;
- the drain VSN-20;
- Grape press - T1-VP 20/20;
- mashine for pumping and sulphitation of the pulp in the stream of the mark UPSM- 32/125;
- mashine for preparation of mother liquor SО2 of the mark UMR-150;
- reservoir-storage device with a stirrer;
- reservoir-tank with a stirrer (not less than 6 units with a capacity of 2000 dal);
- meson pump, piston brand GNPB - 32/32;
- a heater of whip, VPM - 20;
- central control panel;
- piston, centrifugal pumps for pouring wort;
- Conveyors for hulls and crests.

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