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Solid-fuel gas generator

Autonomous gas generator complex "AGK" with capacity from 5 to 250 kW.
The gas generator generates a combustible gas from solid fuels, which is fed into the engine of the gas-piston power plant.
Solid-fuel gas generator
 Used as fuel:
- wood waste: chips up to 50 mm, homogeneous loose; wooden ingot of 50x60mm, humidity up to 20%; Ash content up to 10%, preferably hardwood; when using them, the productivity is up to 1.6 kg per 1 kWh of electricity.
- briquetted granulated wooden wastes with a density of not less than 1.1 tn / m3, humidity up to 20%, ash content up to 10%; at their use of productivity - up to 1.1 kg per 1 kWh of electricity.
 Any internal combustion engine can use generator gas as fuel: diesel (we process in a gas-piston mode with a guarantee), gas-piston.
 The exhaust of internal combustion engines is environmentally friendly, contains CO, not more than 0,2%. Loss of power of internal combustion engines no more than 15%.
 The equipment operates at temperatures from -25 * to 40 * C.

 We offer AGK - an autonomous gas generator set with the output from 5 to 250 kW / h, both with and without a power plant (only the gas generator with the gas purification system. AGK is equipped with a gas generator (TU 29.2-32529323-001 / 2006), gas piston (GM), diesel The power plants Cammins (England) and Doosan (Korea), corresponding to the capacity, converted into gas-piston mode.
The warehouse of the AGK complex: gas generator, bunker, fuel conveyor, gate valve, fuel level sensor, cyclone, fine filter, electrofilter, sink collector with automatic unloading, supercharging fan, pressure fan, receiver, control board, power plant.
The cost of the complex (not including delivery and commissioning) is - from $1100 to $1630 for 1 kWh of produced electricity. Generating gas is possible heating of premises or drying of agricultural products. Teach the users
Solid-fuel gas generator

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