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Straw Chopper

Straw Chopper

Shredder of rolled straw, hay. Grinds a roll of hay, straw, in a fraction of not more than 0,8 cm in length.
Such fraction is sufficient for pressing bale with straw, granules of straw, use as a litter for livestock, feed, without further grinding.

Shredding time 1 roll, depending on the weight, density, moisture content of the bale - 5-15 minutes.
Productivity, t/h - 0,6-1,5.
The total power of the drive, 56,1 kW, of which: drive rotor - 55 kW, drive hopper - 1,1 kW.
Rotor rotation frequency, 3000 rpm.
Bunker rotational speed, 1-56 rpm.
The length of the cut is 0.01-8 mm.
The diameter of the rounded roll is not more than 1.95 m.
The staff - 1 person.
Overall dimensions, mm, no more than: length - 3000, width - 2000, height - 1800.
Weight, kg, not more than 1500.
Warranty period of operation, months - 12.
Weight of a round roll - 100-250 kg.
Humidity of straw (hay), not more than - 25%.

The rotor drive consists of: an engine, a soft clutch.
The drive bunker consists of: a gear motor, a chain transmission.
Estimated resource for components: hammers, knifes - 200 tons. Resource of hammers and knives depends on the content of raw materials of abrasives (earth, sand, clay ...).

Arrangement and principle of work:
Straw Chopper
Straw Chopper
The shredder (fig. 1, 2) consists of a tank (barrel) 1, a tank drive 2, a frame 3, a rotor drive 4, centering rollers 5, a rotor 6, supporting rollers 7, a deck with hammers 8, knives.

The roll is crushed by means of a rotary rotor on which hammers and knives are installed. To ensure continuity of the crushing of a roll, it is transferred to the rotary movement from the drive bunker, which is transmitted by means of hooks. Shredded roll is a fraction, which is removed through a nozzle by means of pneumatic transport (pneumatic transport is not included in the delivery).
The rotor is driven by an electric motor through a soft clutch.
Bunker drive through the chain drive.
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